A Glimpse into The EFAM Program

According to a recent report by WHO, the African Region bears a disproportionately high burden of the global malaria crisis. The records showed that in 2020, the region was home to 95% of malaria cases and 96% of malaria deaths; children under 5 accounted for about 80% of all malaria deaths in Africa.

At HENA, we thought about taking on a new project through which we would throw our weight into the fight against malaria, a disease which according to UNICEF, is “an urgent public health priority.”

We have also themed this project “EFAM”- Equip a Family Against Malaria. This program will focus on families so that we can reach children in particular- who are most vulnerable to malaria disease.

How would we achieve our goals during this project?

We are set to carry out sensitizations across various rural communities at strategic locations in Nigeria. This will avail us the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the guardians in families and educate them about malaria, its mode of infection, its effect on health, and how to prevent it.

There has been ongoing sourcing for donations of treated mosquito nets and funds for us to purchase them. We would be donating one or two of these treated nets to each family, depending on their size. The use of treated mosquito nets is one of the top 2 methods of combating malaria, as recommended by the WHO.

We look forward to very successful outings as we take on this all-important project. If you would like to support or partner with us, you can reach us via the contact points supplied on our website.

Details with pictures will be available on all our social handles and our website once we make significant progress. Make sure to follow us through this journey and feel free to share our work with people around you.

One more thing, wish us luck! :)