Heal, Educate and Nourish Africa (HENA) Initiative was founded in November 2018 and has since been dedicated to gleaming hope throughout Africa by saving as many lives as can be reached at a time.

HENA was borne of a selfless and itching desire to alleviate the distressing quality of living in Africa; an unfortunate condition that has remodeled the concept of the African continent. We believe that lying in the souls of children, women, and men scattered across Africa are enormous and unutilized potentials, curbed by several factors with poverty and illiteracy at the hem of them all.

It is our duty call to eradicate the limitations facing the African people via our threefold focus on health, education, and poverty. Our team is dedicated with an eager heart of service to spread wellness, literacy, and supplies far and wide, through diverse schemes, campaigns, donations, and opportunities, to see that Africa evolves into all it can be.

Reach Over 0 Persons Annually Through Our Work


We seek an African continent that will be free of diseased, uneducated, and poor people.


To win the fight against diseases, poverty, and inadequate education in Africa.


  • Accountability

    Our bond is to be transparent in all manner of transactions; we stride with utmost responsibility in every task we set out to achieve.

  • Healthy Partnership

    We understand the value of forming collaborations thereby making us work anxiously with willing partners at varying levels to achieve great feats.

  • Distinction

    We are relentless in making sure that both the process and outcome of our activities are remarkably outstanding.

  • Integrity

    We are very careful to see to it that all our systems and dealings are of maximum standard, we do not give room to any misappropriation of resources in any regard.


Uche Nweke


Chidimma Mogor

Program Assistant

Kingsley Etoka

Digital Manager

Mathew Sunday

Compliance Officer